Greg Brown & Naijha Wright

Land of Kush / Ask a Vegan Parent Panel

Greg Brown & Naijha Wright

Land of Kush / Ask a Vegan Parent Panel


Naijha Wright and Greg Brown co-owners of The Land of Kush, a popular all-vegan soul-food restaurant in Baltimore.

Naijha is the co-founder and organizer of the annual Vegan SoulFest in Baltimore, MD – an annual vegan festival catered to Baltimore’s inner city communities. Brenda Sanders is the other co-founder and organizer.

Naijha is also Director of Marketing for The Land Of Kush, and through her strategic marketing initiatives, the restaurant experienced exponential growth within four years of opening. She develops relationships and collaborates with local businesses, non-profit organizations, schools and churches who share in the mission of promoting dietary, ethical, or environmental veganism. Greg is also the chef at The Land Of Kush – a position which he fell into it by necessity. After he became vegetarian in the late 90’s, he started to teach himself how to cook with the new and exciting foods that he discovered. He always had the vision to own a restaurant that catered to the health conscious crowd, so he decided to put together a business plan and thus, The Land of Kush was born!

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Land of Kush cooking demo

2:55 pm
Main Stage

Ask a Vegan Parent panel

2:00 pm
Kids Zone