dc vegfest cancelled

Fri, Sept 14: DC just lifted its state of emergency. Why can’t you uncancel DC VegFest?
Unfortunately, when the DC government declared a state of emergency in response to Hurricane Florence, for the safety of all parties involved — our staff, volunteers, vendors, contractors, speakers, attendees, and more — the event needed to be cancelled.

We then immediately started working around the clock to notify all of our event’s participants for their own planning needs, and we had to cancel our event-related contracts — including for our venue — in order to recoup some of the many costs involved in a non-profit setting up an event of this magnitude. Thankfully, this has allowed us to start issuing some refunds to vendors for the various costs of their booths planned for DC VegFest.

At this point, on such short notice, with less than 24 hours left before the festival’s scheduled date and given the multitude of moving parts needed to make this event happen, it’s not possible for all the cancellations (from contracts and permits to shipping plans and travel needs) to be reversed in order for the DC VegFest to be held.

Now for the good news: The DC community — and people EVERYwhere — can still join the free fun: DC VegFest is going VIRTUAL! Join us Sat., Sept. 15 at noon ET @DCVegFest on Facebook.

dc vegfest cancelled11AM UPDATE – Tues, Sept 11: The 2018 DC VegFest is CANCELLED!  

While the DC VegFest is a rain or shine event, we regretfully must cancel this year’s event as the Mayor’s Office of the DC Government has just declared a state of emergency in response to the weather forecast related to Hurricane Florence. This is the first time in our 10-year history that we’ve had to cancel due to weather, though it has rained twice before.

We apologize for any inconveniences, and appreciate your understanding that this event has always been hosted outdoors with the risk of cancellation due to weather.

Please see below for frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions not addressed here, please contact us at info@dcvegfest.com

Will the event be rescheduled?
Unfortunately, no. This event has been planned as rain or shine. There is no rain date.

Why is the event being cancelled?
As of 11am on Tues, Sept .11, the DC Mayor Bowser declared a state of emergency in response to the expected effects of Hurricane Florence. This is in effect for 15 days.

How are you notifying people that the event is cancelled?
In addition to alerting people earlier this week that our event will need to be cancelled if the city declares a state of emergency, we’re updating our website, social media pages, and sending out eNewsletters. We are also alerting the media.

If I reserved a tote will my bag be sent to me or can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, no. If you have made a donation to reserve a tote and would like your bag, we will hold reserved bags at our office for pick-up for a couple of weeks. We’ll contact you as needed to arrange pick-up.

Can I still reserve a tote for pick up even though the event is cancelled?
Yes, you can still reserve a tote bag until Sept. 15 and arrange to pick up your bag at Compassion Over Killing’s office by Sept 30.

What will happen to all the unclaimed tote bags?
We’ll soon be working on plans to distribute at upcoming events. We are now selling empty commemorative DC VegFest tote bags in our market here.

If I entered the Vegan Treats Golden Ticket giveaway, can I get a refund?
Yes, we will be issuing refunds for the Golden Ticket giveaway because entrants can no longer win the chance to skip the Vegan Treats line at this event.

I made a donation and was entered to win an Air Fryer — will you still draw and notify the winner?
Yes! We will still draw the name and email of the winner of the GoWISE USA air fryer on September 15th as planned. Thank you for your donation.

Why not have the DC VegFest indoors?
For the past 10 years, we’ve celebrated the DC VegFest outdoors to provide a more festive environment. Knowing the weather risks related to an outdoor event, we have explored indoor venues as well. Unfortunately, we haven’t found an indoor space that is able to accommodate our needs for outside food vendors as well as over 20,000 attendees that also fits within our budget. We are always considering new venue options and are open to suggestions and ideas!

VENDORS: Can we get a vendor refund?
Unfortunately, no, we do not offer refunds. Please refer to the exhibitor agreement for more details.
UPDATE: We’re continuing to be in contact with our on-site contractors (tent, electricity, security, etc). If we’re able to cancel with our on-site contractors with limited financial setbacks, we’ll try to pass on some of these costs back to you in the form of a partial refund. Please stay tuned for updates.

VENDORS: Can we apply our vendor fee to next year?
Unfortunately, no, you cannot apply your fee to next year’s event. Please refer to the exhibitor agreement for more details. And please see above for information about possible partial refunds.

TOTE BAG INSERTS: I sent materials to be used in the 1,000 free tote bags. Can I get my materials back?
In preparation for the event, COK staff and a team of 50+ volunteers stuffed all 1,000 tote bags on Sept. 10. Your donated product will still be seen and enjoyed! Our tote bags will be given out, as several bags have already been reserved online and we’re planning to distribute those despite the event being cancelled. We’re also planning to distribute the rest of the bags at upcoming events.