marcela ferlito

marcela ferlito

Actress at Teatro de La Luna

Marcela Ferlito was born in Paraguay and has been involved with theater since age 6, be it acting, working on the technical side, translating or teaching. She has worked with several companies in the DC area. She studied theatre at Duke Ellington School for the Arts in DC, and received an A.A. from Montgomery College and a B.A. from the University of Maryland, both in theatre. Marcela has performed at GALA Hispanic Theatre, SOURCE Theatre Company, ARENA Stage, among other local theatre companies. She is currently an actress, teacher and coordinator for the Experience Theatre Program at Teatro de la Luna. In 2015, she represented Teatro de la Luna at the Festival de Teatro Chiquito of Teatro Guloya (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) with the bilingual play “Sanos y Contentos”/“Happy and Healthy”, written and directed by N. J. Briceño that teaches children the importance of eating a healthy diet based on vegetables and fruits! In 2016, she presented the same play at the DC VegFest 2016. Marcela became a vegetarian in 1996 and a vegan in 2013. She is a proud animal rights advocate and promotes pet adoption.

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