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Courtland Milloy has been writing for the Washington Post since 1975, covering a range of topics. In December 2018, he wrote this piece about his pledge to choose plant-based foods:

“I will eat healthier. I will consume more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. No animals or animal products. If it had eyes and legs, I won’t eat it. If it had roots, it’s a meal. That is my get-fit manifesto. This time — yes, there have been other times, but this time — the goal is not just to slim down but to work toward getting a specific item removed from the D.C. Department of Health website:

“Obesity is a national and local epidemic. More than half of all adults living in DC are overweight or obese; rates climb to over 72% in the District’s Wards East of the River (Wards 7 and 8). Racial disparities with regards to obesity in the District are extreme, for example, less than one in every ten White District residents are obese, whereas one in every three African Americans in the District are obese.”

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