DC VegFest Day Of Instructions


We're looking forward to a great outdoor festival with more than 120 exhibitors and 20,000+ attendees! Please review the guidelines below for instructions on how to get to the event, set up and breakdown, and what to expect during the event.

Reminder: the DC VegFest is an all-vegan event.

All food products sold or offered must be vegan (100% plant-based, no animal ingredients of any kind). Non-food items should not be tested on animals, and should be free of animal derivatives such as leather, fur, silk, lanolin, gelatin, etc. Books, literature, product displays, and other promotions may not promote the use of any animal-derived food or product. Any vendor found to be in violation will be asked to vacate the premises without refund.

WEATHER: Rain or Shine!

This event is rain or shine. In the event of inclement weather, the DC VegFest will continue as planned unless weather threatens the safety of attendees and exhibitors. If there are weather-related concerns, we’ll update this page, so please check back.

Payments and Documents

If you’ve registered for the DC VegFest, but have not yet paid or have outstanding documents (or if you’re not sure), please contact us at 301-891-2458 immediately. If you have not yet paid in full or fail to submit required documents by August 26th your space may be forfeited and sold to another vendor without refund.

If you are required to have a certificate of insurance, please include all of the following as written below as ‘Additional Insured’ on your Certificate of Insurance:

Yards Park, LLC.
1100 New Jersey Avenue SE, Suite 1010
Washington, DC 20003

Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District
1100 New Jersey Avenue SE, Suite 1010
Washington, DC 20003

District of Columbia
c/o Capitol Riverfront BID
100 New Jersey Avenue SE, Suite 1010
Washington, DC 20003

United States
General Services Administration
c/o Forest City Washington
301 Water Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

The Following Forest City Entities:
All located at:
301 Water Street SE, Suite 201
Washington, DC 20003

Forest City SEFC LLC
FC 1212, LLC
FC 1212 Retail, LLC
FC 1331, LLC
FC Boilermaker LLC
FC Lumbershed LLC
Forest City Enterprises Inc.
Forest City Commercial Management, Inc.
Forest City Washington
Forest City Residential Group


Yards Park, Lot H/I at the intersection of N St. and First St. SE in Washington, DC 20003

The 2017 DC VegFest is being held in the exact same part of Yards Park as in 2016 – make sure to check the map, directions, parking, and Metro information carefully.

We are unable to reserve parking for exhibitors. No exceptions. Please plan time to find free or paid parking in surrounding surface lots and meters.

Loading and Unloading

  • 8:30 a.m. Booth setup may begin. After being directed to your booth, please unload your vehicle and remove it within 15 minutes. NO ADMITTANCE PRIOR TO 8:30 am.
  • 10:30 a.m. Drive on access ends. All vehicles must be out of the event space.
  • 10:45 a.m. Exhibitors should be ready for visitors, exhibitors arriving after 10:45 a.m. will be charged a late fee.
  • 11:00 a.m. Event officially opens to the public.
  • 6:00 p.m. Exhibitors can begin breaking down, exhibitors will be allowed to drive their vehicle to their booth only after ALL guests have vacated the lot.
  • 7:30 p.m. Exhibitors must be off premises, exhibitors not vacated after 7:30 p.m. will be charged a late fee.

There will be one entrance on N ST. where you can enter the lot and drive up to your space to drop off materials. DC VegFest volunteers will direct you to the appropriate booth space. There is no parking on-site. Your vehichle will not be allowed to remain on-site for more than 15 minutes. We need to accommodate over 120 vendors with vehicles for drop off so your cooperation and preparedness is appreciated. NOTE: we do not provide hand trucks and our volunteer will not be able to help transport/move your materials. Vehicles parked or idling for a prolonged period on the festival site or along non-metered portions of roads adjacent to the festival site will be towed at the owner’s expense and are subject to a fine from DC VegFest or the city of DC.

Recycling, Trash, and Food Waste

DC VegFest aims minimize the impact of the festival on our environment. Please put food waste, non-food waste, and recyclable materials in the appropriate bins. At the end of the day, please break down any cardboard boxes and place next to the recycling bins for pick up. Vendor booths must be free of trash and debris at the end of the event. Exhibitors who leave trash behind at their booth at the end of the event will be charged a $50 cleaning fee and may be refused approval for future events.

Map, Booth Assignments and Rental Equipment

The 2017 DC VegFest Map is HERE!. Each exhibitor has been assigned a specific booth number and location.

Reminder: Each booth space includes an 10×10 tent, one 6-foot table, and at least one chair. If you’ve ordered additional tables, they will be included in your space when you arrive.

NOTE: Volunteers will be on hand to help you find your booth on the morning of the event. Each bank of tents will have a volunteer assigned to further guide you. You cannot move your booth to a different location or use more space than the allotted 10×10 ft. booth.

  • You may not bring your own tent, we will be providing all the tents.
  • Only exhibitors listed as having ordered electricity will have access to power at the festival. If you did not order electricity by August 20th we are unable to provide it at the festival. Under no circumstances are power strips allowed.

DC VegFest Bucks

The DC VegFest has its own currency! Some members of the public, media, speakers, and contractors will receive one-dollar food vouchers called DC VegFest Bucks:

DC VegFest Bucks are only redeemable at the designated “restaurant vendors” – please check the exhibitor list if you are uncertain if you fall into this category as some packaged food vendors should not accept these bucks. Please treat DC VegFest bucks just as you would treat any legal tender, each with the value of $1. At any time during the day, you may bring the VegFest bucks you have received to the Info Booth to exchange for cash. This exchange must take place on the day of the event, during event hours. Cash exchanges will not be made after 6:30 p.m. on 9/2/17. Please note that the bucks will not be exchanged for dollar bills as the DC VegFest will not have small bills on-hand – this should not be used as a method for vendors to access additional change for their booths. DC VegFest Bucks are dated for 2017 – do not accept outdated bucks as these will not be exchanged for cash.

DC Sales Tax

All exhibitors selling merchandise/food (including nonprofits and regardless of where your business license is issued) must collect sales and use tax in accordance with DC law. Payment must be sent directly to the DC Office of Tax and Revenue. DC’s FR-800SE includes a return form, filing instructions, and current sales tax rates. Please note that it is each vendor’s responsibility to be compliant with DC law.

Download the Sales and Use Tax Form

Contact Us

Call Compassion Over Killing at 301-891-2458 through 1 p.m. on Friday, September 1 – this phone will not be answered on September 2nd. The DC VegFest Info Booth can address any questions or concerns at the event.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 2nd — thank you for helping make the 2017 DC VegFest a success!

Vendor Parking

NO Parking On-Site. The Exhibitor shall not park vehicles on the festival site or along non-metered portions of roads adjacent to the festival site. Any vehicle parked in these areas with the exception of pre-approved vehicles, food trucks and emergency service vehicles associated with day-of events will be towed at the owner’s expense and is subject to a fine from DC VegFest.

Post DCVegFest

  • The event is over! How’d it go?
  • Thank you for participating in our 2017 DC VegFest!  As a vendor, your feedback is important to us. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to fill out this short survey to tell us about your experience and how we can make things even better next year!