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Organized by Compassion Over Killing

Exhibitor Highlight: Hampton Creek Foods

Among the lineup of impressive speakers at the 2013 DC VegFest is Josh Tetrick, CEO of the groundbreaking company Hampton Creek Foods. Named by Bill Gates as one of three companies shaping the future of food, Hampton Creek Foods specializes in the development of plant-based egg ingredients intended for use by commercial food companies. Considering that manufacturers of commercial baked goods, salad dressings, mayonnaise, and pastas use 30 percent of the eggs produced in America, Hampton Creek Foods has the potential to truly transform our current food system—and they’ll be at the 2013 DC VegFest!

beyond eggs

After carefully analyzing the egg’s molecular makeup and nutritional profile, the team of scientists at Hampton Creek Foods created a blend of peas, sorghum, and other plant-based ingredients that matched the functional profile of the egg. Not only does the company’s product coagulate, emulsify, aerate, and provide texture and mouthfeel just like eggs, it also costs 25 percent less than liquid whole eggs. Thanks to these aspects of their egg substitute, Hampton Creek Foods is making it easy and desirable for food manufacturers to replace the eggs they use with an environmentally sustainable product free of cholesterol and cruelty.

To learn more about Josh Tetrick and his immensely innovative company, check out his interview in the latest issue of COK’s magazine Compassionate Action, as well as NPR’s recent feature of Hampton Creek Foods. And of course, be sure to attend the 2013 DC VegFest on September 28 at the Yards Park to hear Josh speak!